A Better Union

Unionism: from the Latin 'unus' (one); the concept that working together as one is better than working independently in isolation.

What is this?

A Better Union is a statement of general political beliefs and also more specifically, what kind of political future we would like to see develop in our own part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland.

As is perhaps all too obvious, this is not an academic document. Neither is it a "call to arms" for non-conformist/radical Unionists who feel that they are not represented within the present political system in Northern Ireland.

Who are we?

We are bloggers, dealing mainly with, although not exclusively Northern Irish politics. We are also Unionists, we believe in the continuing Union of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Why bother?

This exercise is primarily a tester to see if there are others presently thinking along the same lines as us. If there are then, as mentioned above, they (like us) are not presently being represented in the way they would like by any of the main Northern Irish parties. We hope that, having read and agreed with at least some of the principles contained in this document, these people will reconsider their present policy of abstentionism and demand that our views are taken into account by their would-be political representatives.

If, however, we are really in a minority of two with our political beliefs, we hope that this document will at least make those who favour the continuance of the United Kingdom (be they Unionists or not) consider more deeply how they wish the Union to develop in the future and where the present leadership of political Unionism is taking them.

What next?

According to the level of interest expressed, we may expand on our beliefs and specifically on how we believe they could be achieved within the present political system.